Hops — Harvest time!

Late August Hops

Well, it is about that time of year.  Hop cones are ready to be harvested from mid August to mid September.  I checked them, and they were a light shade of green, with plenty of grains at the base of the cones, and have a papery feel to them.  I would have loved to have made a wet hopped beer, and was considering keeping them on the vine right up to the time I was going to toss them in a beer.  However, the remnants of Hurricane Irene was bearing down on the East coast, so I decided to pick them before I lost any in the storm.    I also purchased a dehydrator recently, so I could properly dry the hops before freezing them.

Cascade hops, ready to be picked.


The final tally, 1.6 oz of Golding hops, 6.5 oz of  Nugget, and 7.0 0z of Cascade, dried, vacuum packed, and in the freezer.  The Cascades smelled the best, very piney, and were the most bitter to my taste.  I will have to save them for a proper IPA.  I am pretty happy with the haul, especially since they these are only 2nd year plants and will not be fully mature for another year or two.  I will toss some more compost on the hops in the near future, to get the roots ready for next year.

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