Allagash with Maine Beer Company and Rising Tide — Prince Tuesday

Prince Tuesday — A Collaboration beer between Allagash, Rising Tide, and Maine Beer Company

Prince Tuesday is a collaboration beer by Allagash, Rising Tide, and Maine Beer Company that was released only in Maine.  The beer is in Allagash’s corked Belgian bottles, so it would stand to reason it was brewed there.  However, the grist includes Maine grown rye, which is something Rising Tide uses in their beer .  However, the hops are big and bold, a Maine Beer Company signature.  Part of the proceeds go to , which takes some of the sting out of the $21.69  price tag.  This beer also clocks in at 8.1% ABV.

Appearance:  Hazy light gold color, slight orange highlights, highly carbonated with a thick head that just sits on the beer all the way down

Aroma:  Grapefruit up front, with some tropical fruit (mango and some pineapple), followed by pine,  and finishes with a peppery note.  Definitely dry hopped.  Not much alcohol I could detect.  I have a hard time picking out specific fruit esters with all the hops, but you get the spiciness on the back

Taste:  Hops up front, lots of citrus and pine, but with a graham crackery note in the middle and a slight fruity sweetness from the hops.  It ends with a very peppery bite.  It finishes very pleasingly dry and bitter.

Critique:  I really like this beer.  Not as heavy in body as most American IPA’s, but has the hops.  There is the pepper and the crispness to it, some from the rye and some from the yeast, that just blends wonderfully with the fruity notes of the hops.  Basically, this is a cross between an IPA and a Saison, and it was really good, and very easy to drink.  The only downsides are price point ($21 for a 750mL) and the ABV.  It is only available in Maine, but I highly recommend it if you get a chance to try it.

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