Blacksmiths — Fatty Bumpkin Cider

A Fatty Bumpkin is a cider offering from one of Maine’s Wineries, .  Listed at 5.0% ABV, this is a bit lower in alcohol then many ciders, which tend to come in around 6-7% naturally.  I am not sure why this is lower, but that is not necessarily a bad thing.  I had a chance to sample their product on draft a few weeks ago.  However, they also bottle their product, and my wife wanted to try it (she very much enjoys a good cider, having been introduced to it in the UK) so we picked up a bottle for dinner a few days ago.

Appearance:  Crystal clear, moderate carbonation

Aroma:  Apple at the front, with a slight mustiness at the back

Taste:  Full apple flavor, with a nice acidic bite.  Again, there is a hint of earthy mustiness in the back, not unappealing, but there.  The cider finishes with a bit of sweetness.  It has a light body, as expected.

Critique:  Pretty good cider overall.  However, I don’t think it is as good as Kennebec Cider’s.  That said, it is better then most of the commercial ciders I have had.  There is a nice apple taste, and has some nice fullness and acidity.  Maine tends to grow acidic tasting apples, which I enjoy, and that is reflected in the local ciders.   The sweetness at the back will also make this more approachable, as it is a nice counter to the acidity.  Overall, I would certainly drink this again, and I know my wife will look for it on draft when we go out.

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